Shabnam & Rodrigo10.07.2023 | San Francisco

Our Story

February 5, 2011 | San Francisco

Our story begins on February 5, 2011. Shabnam had planned a night out at Infusion Lounge in the city with some friends. They had a great time dancing and decided to grab some food at Mel’s Drive-In on Van Ness before calling it a night.

Rodrigo and his friends happened to have also planned a night out in the city and were hanging out in the Marina district.

One of Shabnam’s friends told her that some people she knew were nearby so she invited them to join them at Mel’s for a late night bite. Shabnam and Rodrigo didn’t really think much of each other other than both having a fun night chatting within the group.

After that night, they kept running into each other at different social gatherings and started talking to one another more and more at actual events. Rodrigo then messaged Shabnam on March 2, 2011 on Facebook which kicked off hours of daily chats.

Winter 2011 / 2012

Shabnam and Rodrigo weren’t looking for a relationship, if anything it was the last thing on their minds. However, they genuinely enjoyed speaking with one another on their daily online chats that stretched for hours.

As their interactions continued, they couldn’t help but notice how much they looked forward to when the little green dot next to the other’s name showed up meaning that they were online. Though they initially dismissed any notion of a relationship, fate had other plans.

The saying “one thing led to another” couldn’t be truer, as the simple pleasure of talking to one another evolved into a deep and meaningful connection, laying the foundation for the start of a remarkable journey together.


Dutches had been an important part of Shabnam’s life ever since she picked her out of a box at school in the 6th grade, and over the years, she became a significant part of Rodrigo’s life as well. In 2015, Dutches received the heartbreaking diagnosis of cancer, deeply affecting both Shabnam and Rodrigo who knew the three of them had a challenging journey ahead.

Observing Rodrigo’s unwavering care and support for Dutches during her treatments, Shabnam saw the true depth of his love for her furball and for herself. Shabnam would always joke that Dutches became the “little glue” that further deepened their relationship, while Rodrigo stood as Shabnam’s rock, always by her side.

Despite the challenges, Dutches proved to be a fighter, and with the loving support of Shabnam and Rodrigo, they shared countless unforgettable memories together over the next few years.

September 12, 2022 | Saint-Tropez

Over the years Rodrigo and Shabnam knew they wanted to get married, but the timing was never right until now. Rodrigo planned a surprise trip and just told Shabnam to “pack like it’s Mykonos” weather. Shabnam had no idea where she was going until she was checking in for her flight and realized she was going to the French Riviera!

They landed in Nice for a night and then headed over to Saint-Tropez which was absolutely stunning. On Monday, their second day there, Rodrigo went on a run in the morning as he normally would. What Shabnam didn’t know was that he was running all of Saint-Tropez to find the perfect spot to propose at later that evening. Once he got back, they headed to the downtown to enjoy some delicious food, shopping, and the overall ambiance.

Later that evening, Rodrigo suggested they stroll over to a platform overlooking the ocean in the La Ponche quarter. Luckily enough, when they got there it was just the two of them so they could enjoy the moment without any distractions. As they were absorbing the views, Rodrigo turned to Shabnam and told her how much he loved her and how he couldn’t imagine his life without her by his side. He got down on one knee and proposed and she immediately said yes! He even made sure Dutches was part of this special moment in their lives by carrying her ID tag in his pocket which brought tears to both their eyes.

They celebrated the night away with such joy and love that it was a night that would live in their minds forever.

The rest of the trip they continued their celebrations in Saint-Tropez and finished it off in Monte Carlo. The perfect engagement trip, marking the beginning of a new chapter filled with love and happiness.

Throughout the years

The bond between Shabnam and Rodrigo is undeniably extraordinary, and they have always known that their destinies were intertwined. Together, they bring out the best in one another, providing unwavering support and love during life’s challenging moments. With gentle encouragement, they help each other reach new heights and share endless laughter over the simplest joys. From creating cherished memories worldwide to still cherishing their daily chats, even after many years, they have found in each other a true soulmate, a perfect match beyond their wildest dreams.

Reflecting on the past 11 years, they know it’s just a glimpse of the happy life they will share as husband and wife. They can’t wait to embark on this new chapter, knowing that the love they share will continue to grow stronger as they build a future together filled with happiness and harmony.

Wedding Details

October 07, 2023


Asian Art Museum
Formerly San Francisco Main Public Library

200 Larkin Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

Schedule of Events

Respectfully, an adults only celebration

  • 6:30pm

    The Ceremony

  • 7:00pm

    The Cocktail Hour

  • 8:30pm

    The Dinner Reception

  • 1:00am

    The Last Song

The Attire

Black tie


evening gown

all colors


black tuxedo
black suit

white dress shirt
black dress shirt

black bow tie
black tie

dress shoes


Our venue is located in the Civic Center District of San Francisco. Below are some nearby hotel recommendations.

Kindly be aware that San Francisco Fleet Week falls on this weekend, and we highly suggest making early reservations.


Your presence at our wedding is all we ask. However, if you would like to mark the occasion of our marriage with a gift, we kindly request no boxed gifts. More than anything, we hope that you can make it on the day, so please don’t feel obliged.


The deadline to RSVP for this event has passed.

Reach out to [email protected] with any questions.

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